You never realize how much time you kill playing video games until your hard drive shits itself and you’re stuck on a toaster laptop.

Finished drawing Propellor Knight, and Spectre Knight is sketched out, hopefully I’ll be done today! It’s a single pic with both of them.


That is not what I expect out of a lord and saviour


That is not what I expect out of a lord and saviour

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Have you heard the good word of our Lord and Savior Hatsune Miku?

also robby and dan i’m still drawin your pics, i didn’t flake this time (for once)

God damn reading the whole story behind Reize being put in Shovel Knight is making me mad

I miss diamond shreddies.

I finished my first 4 Winter Guard Infantry today. I’m pretty happy with them but all the photos came out like shit. The leather is a lot more brown in person but OH WELL.

thebatwearingdan said: Spectre Knight is my favorite. Treasure Knight is awesome because Big Daddy Knight

Spectre Knight gave me SUCH a hard time when I first played through the game, but I have a soft spot for him because that fight was when the game’s animation started to really blow me away. He’s so fluid and fun to watch, even when he’s kicking your ass.

Well Dan got it right (Treasure Knight is the MAN) but only two people guessed anyway SO

Both of you send me your fav knight