I tried playing MvM again the other day and my god I forgot that it’s like a completely different game

I’m glad Warmachine answers the eternal question of “What would happen if we gave the Pope an army of giant robots?”

The answer is “Nothing good.”

they took away pohatu’s giant cleats and gun hands and birthing hips

i don’t know if i can trust this reboot

beezoweldar said: that stage is the best stage for ganondorf because of his side b

Oh god I haven’t unlocked him yet and didn’t even think about that. Honestly I think I’m just sour about Gaur Plains because the first time I played on it was as Little Mac and HOO BOY let me tell you

Gaur Plains is a close second for ‘conceptually cool stages that are fucking horrendous’

Reset Bomb Forest is the worst stage in SSB, who designed this garbage, the second section feels like the result of somebody’s first time using the stage creator in Brawl

you know as cool as samus’ alt colours are (light suit and dark samus are cool as hell) I have to say that I’m a little disappointed that they didn’t include her classic varia suit model in addition to the Other M one

not a huge deal but considering all other characters with multiple alt models it would’ve been nice

Gundam Build Fighters Try has already exceeded every single one of my expectations hooooolyyyy shit

It’s like they looked at the first season and were like ‘yeah this is pretty good I GUESS but what if, and hear me out here

but what if we added more G Gundam’

And so they did and now we have this

over the summer i went from doing no physical exercise at all to running a few times a week and i only just now bothered to check how far I’m actually running and it turns out my route is actually 7.2k???? when and also how did this happen (that’s 4.5 miles for you americans)

well i’m a fucking idiot

all week i’ve been regretting my decision to cancel my preorder for SSB, especially since it’s sold out everywhere here

i completely forgot that i could just buy it on the e-shop