I wonder if Southern Gothic and Retro-futurism have ever been successfully combined. I certainly hope somebody does it someday, it’s a neat idea.

thebatwearingdan said: can I help

All are welcome to Destroy Moe Anime 2014

i will destroy moe anime with my bare hands

It’s nice to see that Nvidia learned from their mistake of making a single graphics card cost $1000 and replaced it with a successor that costs $3000

Anonymous asked: i like when u make posts its Good Thanks Much A Lot (this isn't Cat)

who are if you’re not cat, i only have 1 (one) follower

Tonight is a good night to rewatch Redline and start on my RX-78-2

I need a new mouse also, this one is /pretty/ good, but the DPS buttons stopped working and the sensor is fucked enough that it jitters a bit (which is awful when I’m trying to click icons or play games that need precision)


new glasses swag 💃💃💃💃


new glasses swag 💃💃💃💃

sweet—teeth said: Has my package showed up yet??

Not yet! But I’ll be here hanging out next week, so hopefully it’ll show up by then. If not, I’ll tell my landlord what’s up and hopefully she’ll keep an eye out. Worst case, one of my housemates is living in Guelph over the summer so he could come to the house and check. It shouldn’t be much longer though, right? It was mailed out about 2 weeks ago?

Also now that I’m done all my exams I’m gonna do nothing but paint Warmachine minis and build gunpla